Understanding Why Certified Translation Is Crucial to Ensuring a Legal Document

Many persons who wish to get their documents translated to Ukrainian seek the help of professional translation agencies here in Ukraine. However, what many persons are русский нотариус

  not aware of is the necessity to have translation to Ukrainian done in a certified and comprehensive manner. Such Ukrainian certified translation is crucial to ensure that the completed translation is comprehensive, accurate, certified as well as legal so it can be treated as a recognized document by governmental authorities.

What is Meant by Certification?
Any document, which has been issued in your own country and is intended for any legal usage within the Ukraine needs to be authenticated by your own country authorities in order to be recognized as a legally valid document within the Ukraine. This is where proper Ukrainian certified translation is crucial. This kind of authentication can be performed in two methods namely through consular legalization and Apostille. The consular legalization is the more conventional approach but can take several months to complete. On the other hand, Apostille is faster and since Ukraine is a member of the Hague Convention, it recognizes the Apostille technique of legalization as being valid. In this kind of certification, the Apostille is attached to the original document, which shows it has been authenticated. After this, the document undergoes translation to Ukrainian to ensure it is in the native language for use within the country.

The Procedure
First, to get the process of Ukrainian certified translation performed, you would typically need to email various scanned files of the documents in question, or send in the photocopies to the mailing address of the translation agency. You should ideally specify if you also require a notary specification. However, it is recommended that you get the notary certification done for the translation to Ukrainian of the document as it ensures 100% accuracy as well as legal proof that this is an authentic translated document. The notarization is essentially to certify the signature of the translator sworn in to perform the translation to Ukrainian on the particular document. To complete the notary certification, various items are needed as part of the document such as document preparation date, name of the issuer of the document, place of document preparation as well as signature.

When You Need Certification and Notarization

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