The Higher Dimension of Prayer, Fasting and Giving

 The Higher Dimension of Prayer, Fasting and Giving


Send men to Joppa: The higher dimension of Prayer, fasting and giving

Text: Acts 10:1-ff

“Now send men Cornelius Dysport  to Joppa, and send for Simon whose surname is Peter.” Acts 10:5

In this life we are living in, there are lots of things that must be put in place to guarantee us a wonderful supply of God’s graces upon our lives.

I want to share with us from two perspectives of a head and tail scenario. Using a coin concept to explore the story of Peter the Apostle and Cornelius the Centurion for a revolution(Spiritual) to happen in our lives learn from what Cornelius did and what Apostle Peter did. These are:

  1. Cornelius was a praying man.
  2. He was a generous man
  3. He lived a fasting life
  4. He was a devout man
  5. He was an army officer that feared God.
  6. He was in charge of his household’s spirituality.

After a consistent exercise that was crowned with fasting and giving. God sent an Angel to Cornelius.

God cannot do certain things in your life without an active involvement from your side.

So many people have not heard a “Now” response from God for quite some time. Please, God wants to do so many wonderful things in our lives in 2010 AD.

The reason why God has not answered your prayers is you might have been praying without fasting, or fasting without giving alms to the needy or to the things of God. See the formula below:

  1. Prayer + fasting – giving = casting out of demons
  2. Giving + fasting – prayer =?
  3. Giving + prayer – fasting =?
  4. Giving + Prayer + fasting = Angelic manifestation, miracles, signs and wonders

When we underestimate No. 4, it shows how our character is towards the things of God.

For the Angel to direct Cornelius to send men to Joppa for Peter, Cornelius qualified for the Grace and mercy of God.

For Cornelius it was the word of salvation he received from God when he sent for Peter.

Yours may be a word to boost your business.

A word to increase your personality profile. Simon Peter could be anybody that has the solution to your business, or ministry life.

If you are not a giver, praying and fasting, you may never receive a word from God directing you on how you can locate your Simon Peter in order to receive the graces that God has deposited in his life for you.



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