The Diving Horse of Steel Pier

 The Diving Horse of Steel Pier



The Diving Horse of Steel Pier is presently essential for Atlantic City’s old stories and a past time.


Thinking back as children experiencing childhood in Atlantic City we took the Steel Pier and it’s mystical attractions for allowed. Yet, who Canninghill Piers could fault us? The city had ruined us spoiled.


Close to Steel Pier, there was Million Dollar Pier, Steeplechase Pier, the footpath, ocean side, sea, sound, Penny Arcades, motion pictures along the promenade, horseback riding around the ocean, the Miss America Pageant, the Ice Capades, and so on It resembled a dream land on steroids.


Steel Pier was charged as the “Showplace of the Nation” and as the promotions proclaimed, every one of its joys could be appreciated for one low confirmation.


As Steven J. Liebowitz states in his astounding book, Steel Pier: Atlantic City Showplace of the Nation, “Essentially every huge name performer from John Philip Sousa and his band to Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and The Rolling Stones played there. Steel Pier was a mix of Broadway, Miami, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Barnum and Bailey and a state reasonable. Groups came by the thousand from Philadelphia, Camden, Pittsburgh, New York, Newark, Wilmington, Baltimore, all through the upper east and past via train and via vehicle to Steel Pier. Steel Pier’s standing was extraordinary to the point that A-rundown entertainers picked the Pier over different scenes.”


Whenever I first went to Steel Pier was in 1940, I was seven years of age and confirmation was a quarter. I don’t remember a lot of my childhood at that age, however going to Steel Pier is something I’ve will always remember.


Probably the greatest fascination was the Diving Horse toward the finish of the Pier. It was a colossal draw since travelers would originate from all over to observe this astounding occasion. In any case, before you advanced toward the finish of the wharf, you may have gone through a large portion of the day arriving, to see different attractions there were to appreciate.


The wharf flaunted two cinemas, one contribution a vaudeville show and highlighting “Tony Grants Stars of Tomorrow,” a neighborhood dance company of little kids with dreams of future fame.


Following a couple of agreeable long stretches of diversion, you proceeded with your journey along this 1,600 foot (more than 500 yards) wonder. It was S.O.P. to visit the Diving Bell if you wanted to dive in. I should admit this had a confirmation, I think it was a dime. I never went on the plunging ringer on the grounds that despite the fact that it was advanced as a fascination where you would observer a wide range of remote ocean ponders, the suckers I talked with typically let me know all they saw was foul water.


Progressing forward you’d pass food stands offering an assortment of scrumptious treats. There were consistently displays on the wharf and one I recall clearly was the big name horse show, The film, My Friend Flicka had as of late come out and each pony nut such as myself hurried to see it. And afterward in a limited ability to focus time there you were, on the wharf, face to nose with the genuine, greater than life, Flicka. Presently you had the option to live vicariously through Roddy McDowell, the motion pictures star, on the huge roan horse riding ridiculously over slope and dale on the awesome cinema. Afterward, when Thunderhead Son of Flicka turned out in theaters he was likewise displayed at the wharf.


At this point you were on your last leg, and approaching the finish of the wharf, where numerous attractions, including the Diving Horse anticipated. However, first you needed to passed the Marine Ballroom where you’d be blessed to receive the famous groups of the day performing with amateur ensemble artists, some who might later become commonly recognized names, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, and so forth Then, at that point, a short stop to examine and watch the kid young lady couples evaluating their most recent dance moves. We didn’t wait since we weren’t keen on that cheeseball stuff.


At last, the finish of the wharf. It was built like a bazaar with raised cheap seats for the crowd. In the middle of that segment and the wharfs end, that filled in as a phase, where every one of the demonstrations performed, was a huge opening over the sea isolating these two areas. The plunging act would execute all their different schedules from high stages into the sea from a stature of 65 feet. The jokesters would perform clever jumps from dock tallness plunging sheets into the sea.


The shows had expressed occasions so the crowd would show up at the same time and the cheap seats would fill rapidly. Before you knew it there was an excited blend of ponies going around rings, with bazaar riders doing stunts on their backs. Their were comedians running wildly around the finish of the stage, each attempting to out prank the other. Difficult exercises were turning and bending high over the sea, while the previously mentioned plunging act executed a progression of troublesome distortions from the high stages. This all occurred inside the space of minutes to show us what a treat we were in for. Then, at that point, the demonstrations would perform, each in turn, as the crowd thrillingly took in the different schedules.


Obviously crowds were completely enthralled by this diversion attack on their faculties, yet most had come to see the Diving Horse and were trusting that that second will show up.

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