Manual for Car Rental Companies in Costa Rica

 Manual for Car Rental Companies in Costa Rica



“My time’s restricted… how would I pick?”


Vehicle rental is an interesting issue for travelers went to Costa Rica. Late examination directed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) demonstrates that, after facilities, leasing a vehicle is the biggest cost, averaging $702 for an eleven-day get-away.


The Internet is humming with negative surveys examining cheating, helpless client support and mechanical breakdowns. You may paternoster rentals have even thought of one yourself!


A commonplace medium size (3 – 4 grown-ups) 4X4 rental runs somewhere in the range of $58 and $65 day by day with outsider protection and rates can differ however much 20% among vehicle rental organizations, so perusing a speedy audit will be time all around spent once you compute the investment funds.


So the inquiry is; which rental organization offers the best equilibrium of reasonable cost, proficient client assistance and dependable vehicles? I’ve investigated everything for you, so continue to peruse!


Divulgence: This examination was directed in May – July 2013. The accompanying organizations were chosen since they are the most broadly utilized in Costa Rica. Some are neighborhood organizations; others are global establishments of perceived brand names. Examinations include: client care, evaluating and the booking system. The organizations are recorded one after another in order and not founded on close to home or online inclinations.


Think about this data prior to leasing:




Probably the greatest reason for grievances is from the heap of unanticipated charges introduced to the tenant once remaining at the rental organization’s counter. Travelers are regularly worn out after a long flight and afterward are faced by costs that were not expected, clarified or planned.


Besting the rundown of complaints is the non-divulgence of charges related with the obligatory outsider protection at the time the booking is made.


As indicated by Costa Rican law, each driver is needed to convey obligation inclusion to safeguard against wounds to outsiders. Vehicle rental organizations by and large shun unveiling the expense of this approach in the cited rental rate to show up more aggressive. Compulsory outsider protection can now and then be just about as much as twofold the vehicle’s rental expense. The possibly ensure against protection disarray is to ask if your gauge remembers the outsider protection and demand for a composed citation.


Cost of Mandatory Insurance (likewise called Third Party or SLI)


Hope to pay somewhere in the range of $12 and $15 every day for this protection, contingent upon the make and model of the leased vehicle and the rental vehicle organization. This is a legitimate state of your tenant contract and is by and large not covered by Mastercards and can’t be postponed. It’s a reality of leasing a vehicle in Costa Rica.


Crash Damage Waiver (CDW)


As the name recommends, this isn’t protection, yet a waiver, which eases the tenant from any obligation for harm to the rental vehicle after the deductible is paid (typically from $750 to $1,500). A few organizations expect leaseholders to buy their CDW strategy; along these lines refuting any charge card program. For an extra charge, numerous organizations do offer a zero responsibility choice where the tenant will be liberated from paying for any harm to the vehicle. A few organizations might put tension upon leaseholders to buy the zero responsibility inclusion; nonetheless, it is altogether discretionary, except if it is in the fine print of their tenant contract.

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