Making the Decision between a Cremation or Burial Service

I once knew a man who lived in the Seychelles back in the 1970s. He was somewhat of an expert when it came to life on the water because he had spent the majority of his life on the islands. A very close friend of his who was also a very well-known figure in the islands passed away peacefully in his sleep, and it was clear from reading his last will and testament that he wanted to be Ocean Ash Scattering.

Billy made it plain that he wanted a simple sea burial with his closest pals in the boat, without any fanfare. No issue, they all agreed. The search for a boat big enough to hold Billy and his four buddies as pall bearers, or rowers, was undertaken by four of them. They wrapped Billy’s body tightly in a canvas sail and added weight to it with a number of anchor chains before dressing him in his finest suit.

They had all drunk many pints of alcohol on the beach before they loaded the body into the boat. They piled themselves and Billy onto the boat just before dusk and sped off into the distance. When they were sufficiently far from land, they threw poor old Bill over the side and waited for him to sink. They sang maritime hymns like Those In Peril on the Sea and other appropriate shanties on the way out.

Billy, however, did not go down. In fact, he continued to pursue the boat while riding its wake, as the two friends at the back attempted to reach Billy’s body with an anchor hook. Now that the idiots in the boat had started to realize the humorous side of this serious occasion, they started laughing hysterically, which made it nearly difficult to rescue the body.

By this point, they had been out for a time, and it was quickly apparent that if they did not row a little quicker, Billy would beat them back to the beach on the ebbing tide. When they returned to the sandy shore, they scrambled over the sand in a state of hysteria. When they did, they saw a local police officer standing over Billy’s body, which was covered in seaweed and baby crabs.

They were all taken to the police cells until the right documentation could be obtained after the officer wanted to see the death certificate, which of course none of them could produce. The following day, Billy was properly laid to rest at sea with a bit more respect but not quite as much humor.

Making important decisions about funeral or Ocean Ash Scattering plans will be necessary, so consulting experts can be useful. You can personalize a funeral yourself if you think a funeral director’s services are obtrusive. You will feel that the event accurately depicts the life of the departed if you accomplish this.

A time to honor the life of a loved one is the funeral or cremation. It can reflect on the relevance and value of individuals throughout the deceased person’s life and relate to occurrences from all of the different phases of their existence. Additionally, it is a significant chance for friends, family, and coworkers to express their condolences. It is a unique way for folks who are grieving to find comfort.

A seasoned funeral director will be able to guide you through the options you will need to make if you need specialized assistance in making decisions about the funeral or cremation. He will make arrangements for the body to be transported to the funeral home, embalm, plan the viewing, and provide assistance with selecting the casket, wreaths, flowers, and catering. He even accepts responsibility for all the challenges you’ll face throughout this difficult time.

However, if you had a close relationship with the deceased, you might prefer to handle all the arrangements yourself. You have complete control over the entire event by gaining the lead. Even your own car can be arranged to deliver the casket. It also serves as a means of paying your final respects.

If a burial is your preferred option, there are now a variety of cemeteries available. This is particularly important today because graveyards are filling up and being used again. It is possible to purchase a plot of land from a landowner for all time. There are also memorial woodlands for natural burials, as well as for burials at sea and for spreading ashes in locations that were meaningful to the deceased, such parks, gardens, sports fields, or parks.

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