Low Energy MVHR – Air Handling Units Reduce Your Fuel Bills, Save Money

MHRV frameworks can recuperate up to 95% of intensity from the removed lifeless air by utilizing a counter stream heat exchanger. The active and approaching air pass close to one another yet don’t blend. The approaching air is separated to diminish the rate of dust and residue while the active air is sifted to safeguard the intensity exchanger and inner parts.

The RT 250 S EC is a reduced air taking care of unit (or MVHR) that conveys proficient ventilation with profoundly effective intensity recuperation, as well as cooling recuperation for blistering mid year days.

The unit is extremely astute yet additionally exceptionally straightforward. It attracts natural air from outside, while simultaneously removing old air from inside the house. As the natural air and old air travel through the counter-stream heat légkezelő  inside the unit, the nuclear power from the pre-owned air can be taken and used to warm the crisp approaching air. Fundamentally, it reuses 80% of the nuclear power from the air.

With essentially no moving parts, the RT unit is sans upkeep and basically requires the two channels to be changed something like one time per year. Changing the channels is pretty much as basic as changing a light.

This grant winning unit produced using excellent Swedish innovation, has been effectively utilized in for both low-energy and detached house plans for a long time to meet the demanding Swedish Construction regulation and Passiv Haus principles. With the UK currently well coming, to finding Europe, with the presentation of the Code for Maintainable Homes; energy-proficient items, for example, these, are an optimal option in contrast to customary radiators and essentially disposes of the need to buy energy. Your service bills will be a negligible portion of what they are presently, from the very first moment.

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