Life Insurance and Annuities – The Similarities and Differences

Life insurance is an agreement between the insured and the insurance company. A contract where the insured agree to pay a certain amount of money for a certain ประกันชีวิต แบบบํานาญ

  point of time for specific action to occur such as death.

Since life insurance exists in many forms, so many of them provides considerably flexible as to the amount, rate of premium and duration. Talking the flexibility in the amount of the death benefit and other circumstances under which it will be paid.

There are many insurances policies and annuities contracts also provide in cash values and other none forfeitable benefits. These are payable if the policy holder discontinues the premium payment earlier than originally agreed upon.

Or if not, you wish to terminate the insurance earlier than the policy provides. And if the insurer finds that experience favorable, then it pays dividend to the policy holder as a partial return of the premium. Or reduces charges since many policies also includes additional benefits of various kinds such as waive premium especially the policy becomes disabled.

Where as with annuities, a contract issued by life insurance company of your choice that helps individual ensure a stream of income as their savings during the individual’s retirement years.

Usually or traditionally speaking, annuities safeguard against the risk of an investor where in it outlive their assets by providing income payments which can guaranteed for life.

But that depends on what life insurance annuities you choose to have for yourself. Since each individuals have their own choice to choose for their life insurance. Each one of us is an original master piece of oneself so try being careful in choosing your life insurance.

You need to understand and have some knowledge or idea regarding life insurance and annuities and the difference from each other. Just remember that annuity funds are not insured by

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