Level Measurement in Mixing Plants – Using a Radar Level Gauge

The company Wiggert & Co, based in Karlsruhe in Southern Germany, is a manufacturer of mixing plants for the building materials industry. Its ingenious mixing systems mix  Harga Beton Ready Mix Jakarta

 materials particularly well, a feature that is especially important for the production of concrete finished parts.

With the Wiggert’s mixing plants, all components required for concrete production are combined in a single machine and synchronized for optimum workflow. They have successfully proven their high output capacity, operational reliability and low operating costs at construction sites, in precast factories and ready-mix facilities throughout the world.

Besides the mixing systems, Wiggert also delivers complete mixing towers with silos that are equipped, according to customer specifications, with conveying equipment, control systems, and of course sensors for measuring the filling levels.

In the past, only rotating paddle switches were used as limit level sensors; upon customer request in a few cases, ultrasonic sensors were implemented for continuous level measurement. Since rotating paddle switches are subject to considerable wear in abrasive products, no one was ever really satisfied with this solution. Also due to the loud noise, as well as extreme dust generation during filling, ultrasonic measurement didn’t work very reliably either.

Wiggert has since discovered that a radar level gauge is now cheap enough and efficient enough to be used successfully for continuous level measurement in silos, and has implemented them for testing in existing plants.

By using continuously measuring radar level gauges, with all their advantages, Wiggert is able to offer their customers truly optimal silo monitoring. Because of the current abundance of orders in connection with new plant construction, Wiggert plans to implement 150 more of these radar sensors in 2008.

This reliable measurement technology prevents system downtime, due to insufficient material in the silo. It also allows vendor managed inventory and supply to be carried out depending on production requirements. By offering their customers this “added value”, Wiggert has a big edge over its competitors.

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