How far can you go in the SNG Tournament?

Today small editor for everyone to introduce the “Fan Leap Texas poker” game SNG game mode, welcome to pass by friends to come to see.

First of all, if you don’t know what SNG is, check out the 바카라온라인: SNG is a form of Texas poker, the one-table instant championship.SNG is also short for SitandGo.There are six or nine people at a table.When the number of people reached, the game began.Withdrawal will be considered a waiver, losing the chips until the only player left on the table.Two people in front of the table for six are divided into prize ponds and three people in front of the table for nine are divided into prize ponds.In Van Leap Texas Poker, SNG has three competition modes: SNG Free Competition, SNG Elite Competition and SNG Masters Competition.

[SNG Free Competition]

Beginner players can gain experience in free games and improve their card skills. Players who win first and second place in free games can also be rewarded with beans and gold coins.

[SNG Elite Competition]

If you don’t think the free game is good enough, the opponent and your own strength are very different, is it hot?온라인카지노 sign up for elite competitions and masters!Registered elite competitors need to bring 50,000 gold coins to participate in the competition, if you can win the competition, you can get a big gold medal!

SNG Masters

The Masters is the arena for strong players.Fish suggested a detour.Make yourself at home! You can enter the competition with one million yuan in gold coins.You can’t count on luck to get you to the end.You need the perfect combination of courage and wisdom to have the chance to win the final victory.

“Fan Leap Texas Poker” game in the three SNG game form has been introduced to everyone.When you play games, you should observe your opponent’s card playing skills, and you will be able to fight a hundred battles.In addition, it is important to be cautious and good-natured when playing, because the Texas Packers card game changes unpredictably, so when playing, we have to choose the appropriate strategy according to the actual game.Of course, the game will have rankings.If players want to know their current strength, can come to “Fan Leap Texas Poker” SNG game to measure how far they can go.

[About Fan Leap 068 Game]

Fan Leap leisure competitive game is the entertainment platform of Fan Leap chess card leisure competitive game.Existing Jieyang upstream, all jump Texas poker, all jump bullfighting, all jump fishing experts, all jump rich and other high-quality leisure entertainment games.Various online and offline competitions are held irregularly, and various awards are set up to give back to old and new players!

At present, the computer version of “Fan Leap Game Room” and a number of mobile games have officially opened internal testing, and opened three-terminal data exchange.You can download the experience from the casino website CASINO277 or the media portal.

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