House DJ and Producer in Paris – Interview With Joss Moog

House DJ and Producer in Paris – Interview With Joss Moog




Digital recording Interview with Joss Moog – Paris-based House DJ and Producer


Record of Interview:


I have the incredible delight to have Mr. Joss Moog with me today. The maker of champ drink one of my beloved tracks at any point called “Drumin’ it.” And this is Joss Moog.


Hello there everyone, good to meet you, practically meet you!


You are talking from Paris this moment, right?


No doubt, I’m in the east of Paris, 20 minutes from Paris. Not very far to go for booking and to play in Paris. So that is cool.


So that is the place where you play for the most part? Paris? Europe? What is your visit plan nowadays?


It’s going better and better in Paris you know. The house music scene is becoming exceptionally quick since 3 or 4 years now. Paris clearly an exceptionally lovely city, however in the past we used to have parcel of business parties you know, presently youngsters in Europe, particularly in Paris, the around 20 years of age are finding house music and underground music. It’s improving and better. Before I used to play more often than not in Europe, not in France, but rather now I get an ever increasing number of gigs in Paris, and its cool since I want them.


Definitely. So Paris is turning into a house capital so to say.


Precisely, its becoming quicker and bunches of youngsters are hosting gatherings, making names, purchasing vinyls… you know. It’s truly useful for us, since 4 years prior individuals used to say that I was playing music for elderly folks individuals, however not any longer.


Is most of the house scene occurring in customary clubs and set up areas or is it more with regards to private gatherings, one off areas?


You have both. I think it works like this: if you have cash you can have extraordinary gatherings in normal clubs like “Rex” which is truly costly. Provided that you are a decent advertiser or you have cash you can do that. Youngsters attempt to get it going in underground places in Paris, however it isn’t the case simple. You must be cautious in Paris, you know.


No doubt, one thing I know about Paris: it is pricey.




What I might want to ask you is, what is your story? How did your DJ transporter take off? What was your advancement experience?


As a youngster my first thing is creation you know. I used to make out of control music and play the electric piano in a band, crazy disco style. My first love was the French touch particularly Daft Punk with “Schoolwork”. That is the point at which I got into house music and begun to create a few tracks. Then, at that point, I met Phil Weeks. We turned out to be exceptionally dear companions since we were doing sports together.


At the point when you DJ, you gain proficiency with a ton regarding how to deliver


Phil Weeks is the Robsoul organizer right?




In 2006, I delivered my first EP on Robsoul and afterward I didn’t stop. We remained nearby I have a great deal of deliveries from Robsoul. Also, that is the means by which I came to creation and DJing.


So your first access was creation and by having fruitful deliveries you got into DJing.


Precisely! Furthermore, presently I love both in light of the fact that when you DJ, you gain proficiency with a ton regarding how to create. In case you are just working in your home or in your studio, it’s not exactly the same thing. This music you need to play it in oder to get it.


I totally concur with that. I believe it’s an ideal mix to deliver and play. It both motivates one another. This is likewise my experience: when you simply sit at home and take off, they might sound great in your room. Yet, it very well may be an alternate story in the club.


Precisely! I gain proficiency with each time I play. I listen cautiously to each track I play or different DJs play. Each opportunity I return home I’m exceptionally roused to do new creations. I need to do this, I need to do that… Each time I go to gigs I take my PC and prior and then afterward the gig I need to do creation you know.


Would you mind sharing what you use for creation? Which devices you use? You use Ableton, Logic or something different?


I used to chip away at Cubase for a really long time. Be that as it may, presently I have totally transformed: I purchased a MPC 3000 – equipment stuff – and I’m truly adoring it. It made a huge difference. Be that as it may, when you have MPC 3000 you need to change everything in your studio. So presently I’m constructing another studio, since I need to coordinate everything around the MPC.

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