Copywriting Agency Versus Freelance Writing

Copywriting Agency Versus Freelance Writing

You may be contemplating hiring a professional copywriter to help you with your marketing and promotional material.

Before we start, I have to confess something.

As the director of a small copywriting company, you might assume that I favor copywriting agencies over freelance copywriters. However, I will do my best to give an objective assessment of the pros and cons of each option.

Copywriting agency

Copywriting agencies are basically a grouping of copywriters that is headed by account managers.

Copywriters are responsible Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for the research, idea development, and writing. Account managers maintain client satisfaction, communicate with copywriters and ensure quality assurance.

This description is enough to give you an idea of some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using an agency. But let’s get into them a bit more.


Branch specialistsCopywriting agencies have a large pool of copywriters on hand. This allows them to find a writer with industry experience and expertise that will allow you to work with someone who knows your field.

Available:Freelancers are limited in terms of workload because they work alone. It doesn’t take long for their schedules to fill up. On the other hand, copywriting agencies generally have more capacity in terms both of workload and availability. Agencies are more likely than you to deliver a urgent job.

High quality assuranceThis article does not address the question of quality. The fact that the writer works for an agency or freelance is not a determinant of quality. The response rate the writer can provide for your campaign is what determines quality. Quality varies between agencies and freelancers.

But, I want to make a point. In most agencies, account managers proofread every document before it is sent to the client. This allows for the elimination of mistakes and preserves objectivity and clarity in the text.


Price:Copywriting agencies typically charge higher rates. This is due to the fact that agencies have a higher cost base than freelancers. Freelance writers work remotely and have no direct costs other than a laptop, a notepad and a pen. Copywriting agencies on the other hand have an office and many computers. They also pay staff wages and incur insurance costs. These costs are often reflected on the prices they charge.

FlexibilityAgency writers work hours. Freelance writers aren’t required to work at specific times. A freelance writer will be more useful if you have a project to complete at a weekend or in an obscure time than a copywriting agency.

The freelance writer

Although I could go on and on about the benefits and drawbacks of working with a freelancer over using an agency, it would be pointless. The disadvantages and advantages are just the flip side of the ones already mentioned.

The industry expertise, availability and quality control procedures of freelance writers are not the same as those employed by copywriting agencies. They do have a tendency to be cheaper and more flexible than agencies.

The verdict

You should consider your specific requirements before you decide to hire a freelance writer or copywriting agency. It may require industry expertise (e.g. Finance, medical, etc. A copywriting agency may be better suited for you if the work is urgent and must be done quickly. A freelancer is probably a better option if budget is a concern.

Midas Copy strives to provide the best of both the worlds. We offer a wide range of industry specialisms and a large workload. Solid quality-assurance practices and solid quality control. Our prices are also competitive, even for freelance work. We’re open seven days per week.

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