Commercial Property Agents – Property Inspection Tips to Get More Offers

As a commercial agent, you will be inspecting properties with tenants and buyers on a frequent basis. Your inspection process has to be comprehensive and thorough. It has to  immigration property inspection report Manchester cover specific issues, information, and strategies so that you really know that you are working with the correct people and that a final transaction is possible.

It is no secret that the property market today is rather challenging. In many respects, it is a buyer’s market or a tenants market. Every enquiry that comes to you has to be optimised. You will also find that some of those buyers and tenants will take extended time to make a decision when it comes to your particular listing.

For these very reasons, professionalism is required from the points of taking the property enquiry, running the inspection, and to the inspection follow-up.

Here are some strategies to help your inspection process.

In preparation for any and all future property inspections, walk through the property yourself prior to the commencement of marketing. Look at the property from an aspect of a buyer or tenant. How will they see the services and amenities? How will they see the property improvements? What advantages exist in the property that you can feature as part of the inspection? What are the clear points of difference in the property?

Determine the prevailing property market today and understand just where your property listing sits. How competitive is your property and what can you do to improve on that?

Take plenty of photographs around the property so you can review your thoughts later and revisit key issues. Some of those photographs will help you when it comes to client conditioning and briefing. Most clients believe that their property is the best in the area. In many respects this can cloud the negotiation opportunity when it arises. For this very reason, the client needs to know both the good and bad aspects of the property as it exists today. They also need to know the prevailing market conditions that can have an impact on their marketing campaign and potential negotiation with any interested parties.

Check out your database to identify people that have been making enquiry over the last 6 months for properties of similar type and condition. Every listing on your books is an opportunity to talk to more people. Every listing should be individually promoted into the local business community and all of the local property investors. Do this on a personal basis wherever possible given that the connections you make with others will give you the opportunity to build your brand.

Review the facts relating to the subject listing and compare those facts to the other properties in the local area that are currently being marketed for sale or lease. You need to know that you have a property that is well positioned relative to the competition. Do not repeat the errors of marketing that may be evident with these other listings. Be different and inventive when it comes to marketing your listings. Get the message to the target audience quickly and effectively. Vendor paid marketing should be part of your listing process.

Every listing today needs to be pushed comprehensively through personal and direct marketing. You can only do this through an exclusive listing. This then says that you should not waste your time on open listings. Only take open listings if it seems logical that you can potentially convert a deal over time. The property market that you can control is that market relating to exclusive listings and committed clients. It all comes back to just how you do the listing with the client.

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