Car Servicing in Preparation for the Winter

 Car Servicing in Preparation for the Winter


Would you want to sit outside in the cold all winter, with no company apart from the wind, rain and possibly a generous helping of snow? Of course you wouldn’t. Well  New Jersey Car Service  sadly for our cars, that’s their lot. Now let’s not get carried away – they’re just cars, you know… inanimate metal objects. But they still require a little bit of tender loving care to get them through the tough times ahead, particularly if they’re getting a bit long in the tooth.

The very mention of car servicing can send a shudder through the spine of the average vehicle owner. Let’s face it, it’s pretty rare that you find yourself walking out of the garage thinking, “wow, that was cheap”. Of course that very much depends where you go; shop around and you can find a good winter car service which will leave you with plenty of leftover pennies for a few festive ales once you get home.

Things a good winter car service should include…

Tyres – although the minimum legal requirement for tyre tread depth is just 1.6mm, anything less than 3mm and the steering and grip of the tyres will begin to deteriorate. When conditions outside are dicey, you need all the grip you can get. Remember, it’s not just compromising your safety, but also the safety of your passengers.

Car battery and alternator – car batteries are far more likely to fail in the winter, which is exactly when you need them to work the most. The connections and condition of the battery and the alternator can be adversely affected by the cold, so having them checked before a cold snap can help avoid a frustrating few hours of tinkering out in the elements.

Windscreen wipers – with the possibility of snow on the road along with the near-certainty of bucketfuls of rain and grit, it’s important your windscreen wipers are not faulty, else you won’t be able to see anything at all. In the dark winter months when the risk of accidents is greatly increased, you don’t want the extra burden of battling against poor visibility.

Brakes – it goes without saying just how important a part your brakes play in getting you safely from A to B; even more so in the winter months. A winter safety check will ensure your brake pads, discs and fluid levels are all up to scratch. In bad weather braking distances do increase greatly, even more so if your brakes have seen better days.

Antifreeze – this check should really go without saying. Freezing of coolant is the most common cause of breakdowns during the winter months. This is a simple check which can save you much stress and inconvenience, as well as hundreds of pounds.

Heated rear windows – we tend to forget about our heated rear windows during the rest of the year, so when winter comes you can sometimes be caught unawares, with potentially disastrous consequences. This simple check ensures that when your car starts to mist up, you can see clearly again with the touch of a button.



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