Accredited Online High School Diploma – Fake School Alert

Accredited Online High School Diploma – Fake School Alert


There are literally hundreds of online schools that offer legitimate online courses, degrees, and diplomas. Unfortunately, however, there is also a big bucket full of   buy degree in UK  diploma mills, and outright fakes. These fake schools claim to be accredited. The agency giving them accreditation is usually just as phony as the degree or diploma they are selling.

I am sure that getting a quick diploma may be tempting to some people. Really, what could be better than just paying $200 or $300 getting the diploma, and that’s it. You would have to take no classes, no labs, no tests, and no credit requirements. It’s a “no brainer”, literally.

Are you aware that these diploma mills are well known and easily found out? If you attempt to get a good job, or enter college with one of these fake diplomas, you are taking a huge risk. Apart from the embarrassment of getting your fraud discovered, you may actually be committing a crime. You are committing fraud, and if I was an employer, or school being defrauded by someone with fake credentials, I would definitely prosecute you in court. Of course, I would immediately fire you or expel you from my college.

I have a Master’s Degree from a legitimate online university. I can tell you honestly, that I worked my butt off for that piece of paper. Virtually every assignment in every class was an essay, or long major paper. The program was writing intensive, and quite challenging for me. I was “forced” to speak in online classroom discussions. My scores depended on participation. There was no nodding in the back of a huge lecture hall.

I have little sympathy for someone who tries to take a short cut to their diploma or degree. You may get that piec


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