A Resource For Leaders And Leadership Coaching – A Modern Fable Of Personal Growth

 A Resource For Leaders And Leadership Coaching – A Modern Fable Of Personal Growth


This new eBook by Mike Bell will interest leaders and leadership coaches.

It highlights the ‘ leadership coaching Is this it? Is this all there is?’ dilemma that can arise in mature leaders who seem to have lost their focus.

What do you – as a leader – do if the leadership or executive role begins to pall? If you have a growing feeling that that life as an executive is not what you had anticipated?

As a leadership coach, do you work with executives who are in that situation?

At some point during my professional life, I read that executives, leaders and managers may get bored at some later stage in their careers.

‘Whaaat?!’ I was incredulous!

I had moved into a role supervising practitioners and managing professional development. There it was – in black and white – ‘coaches and supervisors may find themselves working with managers and leaders who are bored by what they do.’

‘It’ll never happen to me – I LOVE what I do,’ I thought.

I was wrong.

How about you?

Are you an exec or a business or corporate leader who is marking time, treading water?

Are you a coach working with someone who is stressed or burned out?

As a leader, do you remember the time when leading your team, your section or your department was the reason you got up in the morning? And probably the reason you stayed late? Problems were fascinating, solving them tapped into your creativity and engaged you completely.

There was a time when you’d happily go to great lengths to plan, strategise, enthuse, coach, cajole, bluster or demand. You’d do whatever it took to make yourself heard in the boardroom, the senior management team meeting, by the coffee dispenser.

Whatever it took.

You were committed. You were passionate. Your people responded to that. You got noticed and climbed the success ladder rapidly.

But something changed. Slowly, imperceptibly and insidiously. The energy drained away, you lost your focus, your passion and your lustre.

Your work lost its meaning.



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