Hot Shot Stun Gun – Hot Self Defense Product


In the immense number of decisions for self protection items that are accessible to private residents nowadays a couple of stands apart as being outstanding quality apparatuses for self preservation. The Hot Shot Stun Gun is such a gadget extraordinary!!


The Hot Shot Sun Gun is made by Stun Master presumably the head maker of immobilizers on the planet. They have been around for almost twenty years and are viewed as the terrific daddy of all.


The Hot Shot Stun Gun is moderately new at a year old yet has left an 30-30 Winchester  for itself in the business. What separates it from the others?


SIZE At three inches the Hot Shot is about the size of a wireless. It is one o the littlest immobilizers on the planet. It is so little you can without much of a stretch convey it in your pocket or tote. Convey it on your free Stainless Steel Belt Clip.


POWER The Hot Shot has 975,000 volts of unadulterated power ready to be released on the miscreants and put them on their butts. This makes the Hot Shot one of the most remarkable immobilizers on the planet.


Ensure the Hot Shot Stun Gun accompanies a lifetime ensure. It gets no better that that.


Highlights The Hot Shot Stun Gun accompanies three lithium batteries so there’s no going the store before destroying the miscreants is prepared. Additionally included is a tempered steel belt cut. This makes for simple conveying and makes it seem to be a mobile phone or pager. This smoothly planned super plug is furnished with a wellbeing switch and an enlightened red light that lets you know releasing hellfire on your aggressor is prepared.


Value The MSRP is $ 64.95 making it a shopper evaluated “BEST BUY.”


A couple different considerations. I prompt appearance a charging immobilizer to a likely assailant with the advance notice to “ease off.” Sometimes the sight and sound of a charging immobilizer is to the point of driving the trouble makers off.


An immobilizer will energize through to ½ inch of apparel. You shouldn’t stress over being stunned should the assailant be contacting you. Will not occur! The ongoing won’t pass to you. It will stun through a 1/2 inch of attire.


Assuming that you are on the lookout for a self preservation item search for quality, viability, and a big deal LEGALITY. Immobilizers are not legitimate in certain states. Check with your neighborhood police office first before you get one. The Hot Shot Stun Gun ought to be close to the first spot on your list.


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