Hurricane Sandy – I Guess Donald Trump’s Casino in Atlantic City Won’t Get a Bail Out?


Well it seems to be Hurricane Sandy triumphed when it’s all said and done during this last run to the November 6, 2012 political race. Do you review about late October when Donald Trump proposed to give $5 million to the foundation of President Obama’s decision on the off chance that he could turn over his genuine school records, school application, and identification records? Donald Trump in his ordinary “trump style” made a total media occasion out of it. For what reason did he request these things?


Indeed, rumors from far and wide suggest that Obama didn’t really go to those universities he asserted as well, and indeed, we’ve terminated CEOs of significant organizations for misrepresenting their resumes, as of late truly assuming you watch the monetary news. In President Obama’s book he professed to have visited Pakistan, yet at the time US Citizens were not permitted to go there, so Obama more likely than not done so working with a secret covert agent bunch, lied about it, or he professed to be a resident of another nation so he could go there.


Do you see what Donald Trump was talking about – attempting to get President Obama to come clean – yet he realized Obama couldn’t in this way, made him look senseless as we adjusted the last turn towards the political decision. Clearly, FOX News ran with the story, and the left-inclining networks attempted to make Trump appear as though he was insane, maybe not difficult to do, however I’d say “insane like a fox,” as it was a craftiness move without a doubt. I surmise  BETFLIXsDonald Trump plays a little high-stakes poker too occasionally at his milestone gambling club in Atlantic City.


A similar Trump Casino which is currently submerged – no not monetarily this time – except for it got rammed by Hurricane Sandy – thus, it appears as though Sandy Pants triumphs ultimately. In any case, the President can announce regions National Disaster Areas, hence, qualifying them for FEMA cash. Be that as it may, I genuinely question assuming the President will deliver assets to Atlantic City, or on the other hand in the event that he ensures Trump’s Casino isn’t a beneficiary of those assets.


By the by, Trump’s Casino needs a rescue, not with cash, he has heaps of business protection for that, fairly it needs rescuing in a real sense – as in rescuing all the water flooding the lower floors and underground offices of that gambling club concerning every one of the structures around there – what a wreck to tidy up from Hurricane Sandy. Indeed, that is totally supportive of now, so kindly think about this and consider it.

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