10 Creative Small Church Fundraising Ideas to Build Community and Support


Small churches often face unique challenges when it comes to fundraising. Limited resources and a tight-knit congregation can make traditional fundraising methods challenging. However, with a little creativity and community involvement, small churches can successfully raise funds while strengthening their bonds. In this article, we’ll explore 10 creative small church fundraising ideas that not only generate revenue but also foster a sense of togetherness and purpose.

  1. Community Yard Sale

Organizing a community yard sale is a fantastic way to declutter and raise funds. Encourage church members to donate gently used items they no longer need, and set up tables in the church parking lot or a nearby park. Promote the event through social media, flyers, and local small church fundraising ideas to attract a wide audience. You can also offer baked goods or refreshments to further boost sales.

  • Online Crowdfunding Campaign

Leverage the power of the internet by launching an online crowdfunding campaign. Platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo make it easy for your congregation to donate and share the campaign with their friends and family. Craft a compelling story about your church’s mission and the specific project or need you’re fundraising for.

  • Themed Dinner Nights

Host themed dinner nights at your church, where members and the community can enjoy delicious meals together. Each dinner could focus on a different type of cuisine, and you can charge a reasonable ticket price. It’s a fun way to bring people together while raising funds for your church.

  • Talent Show

Unleash the hidden talents within your congregation by organizing a talent show. Invite church members to showcase their skills, whether it’s singing, dancing, comedy, or magic tricks. Charge an entrance fee for both performers and attendees, and use the proceeds to support your church’s initiatives.

  • Bake Sale and Coffee Morning

Bake sales are a classic fundraising idea for small churches. Have members bake a variety of treats and set up a coffee station with donations from local cafes. Promote your bake sale within the community and invite neighbors to enjoy some delicious treats while learning more about your church’s mission.

  • Silent Auction

Host a silent auction featuring items donated by church members and local businesses. These items could include artwork, handcrafted goods, gift certificates, or services. Encourage friendly bidding competition by displaying items with descriptions and bid sheets in a prominent location within your church.

  • Car Wash

Organize a car wash event in your church’s parking lot on a sunny day. Gather volunteers to wash cars, and ask for donations in return. You can also offer additional services like interior cleaning or window washing for a higher donation amount.

  • Charity Run or Walk

Promote physical fitness and community engagement by organizing a charity run or walk. Participants can register and gather sponsors for their participation. Choose a scenic route in your local area and make it a memorable event for both your congregation and the broader community.

  • Seasonal Craft Fair

Capitalizing on seasonal holidays like Christmas or Easter, host a craft fair where church members can showcase and sell their handmade crafts and decorations. Encourage creativity, and make the event festive with holiday-themed music and decorations.

  1. Monthly Giving Program

Establish a monthly giving program where church members commit to regular donations. This provides a steady source of income to support your church’s ongoing needs and projects. Promote the program by highlighting the impact of consistent giving on your church’s mission and community outreach.


Small churches can thrive by embracing creative fundraising ideas that go beyond traditional methods. These initiatives not only generate much-needed funds but also foster a sense of unity and purpose among church members. By involving the community and tapping into the unique talents and resources of your congregation, your small church can successfully raise funds while strengthening its mission and impact.

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